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Prezzius Flex Card


Mont Blanc















Prezzius Flex Card

Prezzius Flex gift card is a “super’’ card  which gives recipients the flexibility and free choice among all the digital gift cards listed in Prezzius in order to get what they really want or need.

It is a gift that can never go wrong!

Why use Prezzius?

Easy to use
Easy, fun and quick process. Send a gift card in seconds without leaving home.
Gift choice

Let your friends and family to choose what they really want or need, from a variety of popular brands.

Ideal for any occasion
Perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, farewells, baby showers, Mother and Father’s Day and many more.
Accessible 24/7
Perfect for last-minute gifts. Your friends and family can access their gift cards instantly, right on their smart phones.
Delivery methods

Send your gift card by email or SMS, instantly or at a scheduled date. Alternatively you can print the gift card and personally deliver it to your friend.

Go Green. Go Digital. Go Mobile!

Digital gift cards are friendly to the environment. Also, your friends won’t have to worry any more about losing or leaving their gift cards at home. They always carry them at their smart phones!

Personalize your gift

Add your personal touches! Select one of our awesome greeting cards, add your message and even upload a photo.

Secure payments

Your online payments are safe with RCB Bank.

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