Revolutionizing Gifting in Cyprus

The simplest way to send a gift, by email or sms, to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime in Cyprus

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Group Gifting

Create a group gift and invite your friends, family or co-workers to chip in.

Perfect for birthdays, housewarming, baby showers, farewells and many other occasions.



Flex gift card is a “super’’ card, which provides total freedom and gives the recipient the flexibility and free choice among all the digital gift cards listed in Prezzius.! It is a gift that can never go wrong!

Prezzius Benefits

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Send a gift card from your mobile, tablet or browser to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime in Cyprus, without leaving home.


Buy cards (choose) from Cyprus’s leading retailers

Delivery Options

Email, SMS or Printed Delivery

Safe and Secure

Say something about RCB and also for the unique Bar code + PIN during redemption…

Eco Friendly

“Go Green. Go Digital. Go Mobile!”


We give parents peace of mind. Send gift cards as cashless passes to your children. They are safe, secure and can only be used at the specific stores.

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